Monday, April 11, 2016

Do NOT vote list... (Please share to Social Media)

I have compiled an easy to use list of superdelegates that are supporting Hillary even though the people of their state voted for Sanders... If the state selected Hillary, then they are not on the list as they are doing right by their state.

You ARE legally allowed to carry a list into a voting booth with you and I am encouraging you to scroll to your state and do NOT vote for anyone on the list.

The people in this country are being disenfranchised and it is time to stand up and be heard.  Whether you support Hillary or Bernie, this should not be allowed.  Print your list, take it with you in November and make sure that if you see someone on this list, vote for the other person...

Blanca O'Leary
Diana DeGette
Ed Perlmutter
Jared Polis
John Hickenlooper
Mannie Rodriguez
Michael Bennet
Roy Romer

Brian Schatz
Jadine Nielsen
Mark Takai
Mazie Hirono
Russell Okata
Shan Tsutsui

Carolyn Boyce

Chellie Pingree
Maggie Allen
Peggy Schaffer

Barry Goodman
Brenda Lawrence
Dan Kildee
Debbie Dingell
Debbie Stabenow
Dennis Archer
Gary Peters
Jill Alper
John Conyers
Sandy Levin

Al Franken
Amy Klobuchar
Betty McCollum
Javier Morillo-Alicea
Ken Martin
Lori Sellner
Marge Hoffa
Mark Dayton
Nancy Schumacher
Rick Stafford
Tim Walz
Walter Mondale

Brad Ashford
Patricia Zieg
Ron Kaminski

New Hampshire
Ann Kuster
Bill Shaheen
Jeanne Shaheen
Joanne Dowdell
Kathy Sullivan
Maggie Hassan

Betty McElderry

Breanne Miller
Patrice Arent

Billi Gosh
Howard Dean
Patrick Leahy
Peter Shumlin
Richard Cassidy

Adam Smith
Denny Heck
Derek Kilmer
Jay Inslee
Jim McDermott
Maria Cantwell
Patty Murray
Rick Larsen
Rion Ramirez
Suzan DelBene

Christine Bremer Muggli
Gwen Moore
Martha Love
Tammy Baldwin

Ana Cuprill
Bruce Palmer
Mary Hales
Mike Gierau